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Omens of War
GuildRaid TrialsAnguishOMM
Amtrak Railway8/8/20198/8/20198/8/2019
Red Guides8/12/20198/12/20198/13/2019
Rusty Short Sword8/8/20198/12/20198/15/2019
Altered Mindz8/8/2019
Honour and Blood8/18/2019
Circulus Interiorem8/22/2019

Epic 2.0
ClassCompleted ByGuildDate

Gates of Discord
Amtrak Railway7/3/20197/3/20197/3/20197/3/20197/4/20197/4/2019
Rusty Short Sword7/8/20197/8/20197/10/20197/10/20197/11/20197/15/2019
Red Guides7/15/20197/19/2019

Planes of Power
GuildTier 1
  • Terris Thule
  • Grummus
  • Manaetic Behemoth
Tier 2
  • Aerin`Dar
  • Saryn
  • Bertoxx
Tier 3
  • Mith Marr
  • Agnarr
  • VZ/TZ/RZ
  • Sol Ro
Tier 4
  • Fennin Ro
  • Xegony
  • Coirnav
  • Rathe Council
Time P1-P3
  • Time P1-P3
Time P4
  • Time P4
  • Quarm
Amtrak Railway5/2/20195/2/20195/2/20195/2/20195/3/20195/3/20195/3/2019
Altered Mindz5/12/20195/14/20195/14/20195/14/2019
Rusty Short Sword5/2/20195/8/20195/9/20195/15/20195/16/20195/16/20195/22/2019
Red Guides5/2/20195/8/20195/14/20196/3/20196/7/20196/19/2019
Honour and Blood5/11/20196/17/20196/3/20196/27/20197/1/20197/22/2019
Circulus Interiorem5/5/20195/14/20195/29/2019
The Audacity of Squirrels5/14/2019

Shadows of Luclin

Scars of Velious

Ruins of Kunark

Epic 1.0